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Feb 27, 2023

Learn the secret of telepathy. Know how to embody yourself and your emotions. 

There are two kinds of emotions; one is biological emotions like standing next to a cliff, the other is conceptual emotions that come from expectations or anticipating how something should be, a.k.a. attachment. These emotions of attachment stem from beliefs, often unconscious beliefs, and are misunderstood to be intuition, but they are not. One step to embodying your body is to distinguish between intuition and emotions that are driven by unconscious beliefs. 

Embodying your body is essential in communication so that you don't miscommunicate tension, or other emotions that are held in your muscles and posture. The human being is a specialized animal for communication. Tension and conceptual living, combined with the trappings of the human languages like English, distort your communication and therefore make relationships more difficult.

The secret of telepathy is that we are all always telepathizing. It's a natural ability that we are in fact transferring how we feel about what we're saying, or how we feel about what we're thinking. Embodying your body, and recognizing biological vs. conceptual emotions, will make your telepathy and your verbal communication much more accurate.




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