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Jan 29, 2021

Evolutionary psychology and social dynamics crash course. What is preselection? Preselection by other women biologically conveys to the woman that her male offspring (with that man) will also be desired by women. Women select for status so men pursue status. Men deceive status (exaggeration) and resource commitments...

Jan 24, 2021

Attraction, comfort, and seduction. Human courtship model. These are the steps that every man and woman go through whether it takes hours or years. It is the most successful dating model for men on Earth.

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Jan 18, 2021

We see each others biases once we’re aware what they are. Men bias towards over perceiving sexual communication. How the culture has been used to condition the mind to be off code for successful relationships.

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Jan 13, 2021

Mating decisions are contextual, no behavior is inevitable. Women are sexual deceivers. Men are commitment deceivers. Deceivers tire of courtship.
He only risks little time & energy & a small threat. She risks pregnancy, birth, and child care.

Women cum more with commitment than with fling. Women cum twice...

Jan 8, 2021

Women value intelligence slightly higher.
Less intelligence misses subtle hints, misses jokes, mistime comments, implies liability and unreliability.
Men of every status don’t value female success.
Women of every status value men w/ higher status.
Men exclude other men as much as women in power positions to fulfill...