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Jan 11, 2023

Why living with your woman is a mistake and how it can be detrimental to your masculinity. Why it is essential to not live with your woman? Why live with other men? Why only live with IMC men?

IMC brother @_palacioalexander_ talks about what he has learned by living at an IMC Base. What it’s like living at IMC...

Dec 27, 2022

Solving the riddle of how to seduce a woman and the process of how to be in multiple relationships. Explaining the AZD process and the evolution that comes with it. 

How to always have something valuable to say and say it in a valuable way. Explaining the 4th wall and the private moment evolution as part of the IMC...

Dec 19, 2022

Take control of your mind and remake yourself how you’d want to be. Understanding the unconscious mind and how it's different from the subconscious mind.

What is “triggered”? How and why you become reactive to "triggers" in life and how to un-trigger yourself.

How much energy and money went into raising you and...

Dec 14, 2022

IMC Dating Show Pilot for Netflix. A TV show pilot at the crossroads of evolutionary psychology, along with the art and science of communication.

At a mansion with a TV crew and AZD, who is a world class master of ceremonies. Winners chosen by our millionaire entrepreneurs and the models of the IMC Royalty Modeling...

Dec 13, 2022


1. I like a woman who believes that a man should lead, and a woman should follow. Not that she should follow every man, but that she should choose a man and follow him.

2. I want a woman who wants to have some actual real female friends that won't backstab her nor get between her and her...