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Feb 28, 2023

Women are not what you think they are. A man has to teach his woman how to be a woman. A man has to teach his woman how to respect him and to be submissive. 

Men want to be with multiple women and he is lying if he says different. A woman needs to bring more women for their man. This is what creates an unbreakable bond...

Feb 27, 2023

Learn the secret of telepathy. Know how to embody yourself and your emotions. 

There are two kinds of emotions; one is biological emotions like standing next to a cliff, the other is conceptual emotions that come from expectations or anticipating how something should be, a.k.a. attachment. These emotions of attachment...

Feb 21, 2023

How yoga and meditation can help your game. By grounding your attention in your body and separating yourself from your mind, body, and emotions. You can become sensitive to how you feel about your decisions and actions.

When you’re sensitive to how you feel about your decisions and actions, you can better calibrate to...

Feb 20, 2023

How to change your behaviors and create lasting change in your character. QnA episode from a live audience. Defining “relapse” of behavior and what to do about it. 

In a related topic, how yoga helps me change myself and change my behaviors. How good yoga practices help separate you from old patterns and set you up...

Feb 14, 2023

Starting the new YouTube channel called IMC TV for the worldwide IMC Nation movement of alpha male hustlers and entrepreneurs to come together as a mastermind online education platform and educate the masses with the IMC Nation philosophy.

Topics discussed include introducing the show hosts, the IMC Nation business...