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Mar 20, 2024

Should you talk about body count with a woman? Analogies of Game and Entrepreneurship and capitalism. The philosophies of giving value and setting your own price.

What's better many clients or a few lifetime clients? What's better many women or a few lifetime women?



Mar 19, 2024

Learn real game. Go in field 5 hours a night with the top relationship player on Earth and his pack. Residency is when you come to Las Vegas and live at an IMC Nation Base like Base ONE where we live with Arash Zepar Dibazar, AZD.




Mar 5, 2024

Soul Hacking with IMC Captain @ibarraguerrero83 thankfulness, and how living at IMC Base ONE is like Thanksgiving day and night every day. Warm and friendly family vibes all the time.

We give over a dozen analogies for communication and soul level healing, the nutrients of the soul, and what’s different about...