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Feb 19, 2021

Men make 12 million sperm / hour. Women have 400 ova per lifetime. Women are a limited resource.
Males are promiscuous because females selected for that trait.
In no place globally do women value chastity more than men. Men selected for youth and health. Women selected for status so men pursue status. The investment...

Feb 13, 2021

Women have problems and they need a man to help them solve them. Women criticize science because they don’t understand it. The science of dating. Make up is not for you it’s for who you want to impress. Your sex, your interest, your ability to communicate, your investment is what a man is looking for in that order....

Feb 5, 2021

Like telling men not to experience sugar, like food are our mating preferences. Mating isn’t random. Attraction is discriminate. Derogation isn’t out of boredom. What became our ancestors. Around less prospects women are less needy to be in love.      Status and resources differ.


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