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Dec 11, 2020

Evolutionary theory has appalled people since Darwin. The idea of perfect harmony existing somewhere and blaming western culture for dog eat dog mentality is lame and false. Contradictory values waste energy and confuse children. The biggest break-up variables are precisely (from the Evolution of Desire):
- Dissimilar values on sex roles
- Attitudes towards sex among acquaintances
- Romanticism
- Religious beliefs
- Views on abortion and capital punishment
Humans possess underlying sexual psychology. We carry the desires of our ancestors. Sexual strategies don’t require conscious planning or awareness. Men’s short term strategy conflicts with women’s long term one.
Women worldwide prefer to marry up and prefer older men (average is 3 years). Grooms exceed brides by 3 years in the 1st marriage, 5 in the 2nd, and 8 in the 3rd.


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