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Mar 28, 2022

The Benefits of Yoga for Beasting. Gavin Hairgrove @gavinhairgrove and Josiah Sedeno @brooosiah on yoga for calisthenics, body awareness, and the psychological effects of tension.  


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Mar 22, 2022

Basing up meaning living with other guys like a frat house made up of philosophers who are pickup artists and warriors. The IMC lifestyle as described by big player Jose Raul Cervantes @raul_cervantes_44.


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Mar 21, 2022

What is Game? The technology of how to communicate with the opposite sex to get your mating preferences met. Why men don’t learn Game? Why people shun Game and shame people who study Game? The red pill 💊 of masculinity. Mind control, mass media, Disney, Hollywood, and our culture has brainwashed men and women off...

Mar 14, 2022

Definition of Self and defining Love. How attention and admiration relate to love and the modern worship of humanity. The quickest way to relax your nervous system. How to notice your character when you’re socializing. How to handle social rejection. Definition of the ego. How men genetically respond to women....

Mar 8, 2022

The 7 Hermetic Principles of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. The history of Earth and human language. Multiple relationships and the esoteric teachings of AZD and the IMC Nation mindset. With Everet Dale

Check out Everet's website: Mysterium Academy.


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