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Apr 27, 2021

Time apart men find their partners more attractive. Jealousy’s contextually are linked to infidelity, eg. dissatisfaction or gap in mate value. Older women fear robbery more than rape. Rape circumvents female choice. Off the pill women decrease risk during ovulation such as being on the street at night, drinking, not...

Apr 21, 2021

Exposure to beauty uncommits men. Self confidence signals status and resource. Cosmetics exploits desires it doesn’t create them. Beauty gets women more of what they want. Today’s women are the winners of the million year beauty contest. Submissiveness is approached more because it signals sexual accessibility....

Apr 5, 2021

Her efforts mirror more his survival value more than his appearance. Relationship age or length don’t matter in a female’s efforts to retain. Married men want extramarital affairs whether they’re happy or not throughout their life. More men than women remarry, women with more difficulty. Men cheat for their desire...