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Feb 28, 2023

Women are not what you think they are. A man has to teach his woman how to be a woman. A man has to teach his woman how to respect him and to be submissive. 

Men want to be with multiple women and he is lying if he says different. A woman needs to bring more women for their man. This is what creates an unbreakable bond between you and your woman. 

A woman only needs one man and she wants to be with a man who has multiple women. Rarely you will meet a good woman. It takes a man to teach her how to be good and how to handle life. 

If you are alpha, you dont have to be so manly, it will come naturally. A man should focus on creating his life and not worry about being in a relationship. It's the woman who wants to be in a relationship and it is her duty to keep the relationship.




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