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Apr 27, 2021

Time apart men find their partners more attractive. Jealousy’s contextually are linked to infidelity, eg. dissatisfaction or gap in mate value. Older women fear robbery more than rape. Rape circumvents female choice. Off the pill women decrease risk during ovulation such as being on the street at night, drinking, not being alone, and avoiding men. Why? Because rape pregnancy is more than twice as high as concentual pregnancy even though contraceptives are sometimes used. Maybe because more attractive and therefore fecund women are raped. Women fantasize more about strangers when ovulating. They’re more likely to orgasm with affair partners. If I had one sperm a month I’d be monogamous. Ovulating (only) women preferred the smell of a used t-shirt from symmetrical men over asymmetrical men. Breast feeding and pregnancy suppress ovulation, so ancestral women would have only had a few dozen ovulatory cycles in their entire lives. Everywhere men expressed more desire for variety. Men who’ve had more have higher self esteem and are just as stable. 


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