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Feb 21, 2023

How yoga and meditation can help your game. By grounding your attention in your body and separating yourself from your mind, body, and emotions. You can become sensitive to how you feel about your decisions and actions.

When you’re sensitive to how you feel about your decisions and actions, you can better calibrate to be more ethical and thus make you feel better about how you behaved. The realization that all masculine ambition has, at its root, the desire for choice of mate. You then realize if you’re not having a choice of mate, your decisions in life and behaviors are not as ethical as they could be. You would feel better ethically if you were providing mate choice for yourself, without compromising other areas of your life. 

Yoga and meditation allows for inner separation, so that we can change our patterns of behavior and communication and how we relate with the opposite sex. We must look for better examples of how to be, so that we can upgrade our patterns, after we have separated from them. It is important to have mentors, teachers, role models, and inspiring characters to study while we practice yoga and meditation, while on this path of personal evolution.




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