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Mar 13, 2023

Learn the rules of sex. What is sperm warfare? How did man and woman's survival change throughout history.?

We went from foragers and hunters, to a huge diversity of "occupations" in order to survive. However, romance, aka mating or replicating our genes, has pretty much followed the same common stories of sexual psychology that our ancestors experienced.

Reference Sperm Wars for example: 

She perceives the man's survival value, which is his human mating market value, in her mind. Mentally she perceives his market value through his communication. "Energy ridges" in a person's mind will inhibit communication from getting through to the person. The process of personal development and mental and spiritual evolution is to reduce and smooth out the energy ridges in our minds. In doing so, we can send and receive stronger communications and thus survive and replicate greater, both as individuals and as a species.




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