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Dec 6, 2022

Create an Attractive Self-Image. Take a deep look into your self-image, where it came from, and what's in store for your future with your current self-image. Is your self-image conducive to having a fulfilling life?

Basically, is your vision of your future self someone who other people want to be around? Does it really make sense that you're going to make more friends as you grow towards your goals and dreams? How are you going to meet, have friends, and relate?

IMC Nation has given us the opportunity to be part of a winning team. We have value by virtue of our wisdom and experience at that one thing that every man on Earth wants, women.

We also have supreme wisdom on that one problem that every man and woman, from rich to poor is dealing with, their mind. IMC philosophies teach us to perceive reality as it is. To transcend the conceptual experience of the world, especially dealing with man-woman relationships.




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